The terms and conditions below regulate the access and use of the, whose ownership corresponds to INDUPANEL, S.L. Its registered office is located at the Industrial Park o Acevedo 15185 Cerceda A Coruña (Spain), VAT number B15747868, and inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of A Coruña, volume 2375, sheet 214, page number C 25068. The address of the activity is located in the Industrial Park o Acevedo 15185 Cerceda A Coruña (Spain).



These general conditions (hereinafter, “General Conditions”) regulate the access and use of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), including the contents (hereinafter, the “content”) and services (hereinafter “the services”) that Indupanel, S.L., hereinafter “the company” make available to users free of charge the website

The access to the contents and services attributes the condition of user and therefore constitutes the acceptance of the last version of the general conditions published by the company on the website when the user accedes to such content and services. The company reserves the right to modify or delete at any time and without prior notice, the contents and services included on the website, as well as to limit, modify or cancel the general conditions applicable to the website. Any changes will be effective from its publication date and it will affect any user who has access to the page after its publication, for this reason, the user is recommended to read the general conditions each time he/she access the website.

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    • OBJECT

The website’s goal is to provide information on the activities that the company performs, promote relations with and provide products and services to users, using the option of ordering online from the web page, offering the user a more convenient service and also alternative to the conventional order.

The purpose of these general conditions is to regulate the use of the website, as well as the rights and obligations derived from the hiring of products through the realization of ordering online from the website, and advertising to the users through the website.


The company, according to the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002 of 11 July, through its website and the general conditions, makes possible to access by electronic means permanently, directly and free of charge the information of its trade name, as well as customer data, who has exclusive access to the file, which is in possession of the Company.


The user of the Website shall have the right to open and free access to the information gathered in the website, however, the company reserves the right to restrict access to information, promotions and offers to registered clients.

Any user who accesses the website has the right to register himself/herself as a client, and may benefit from the offers and promotions referred to above, if he/she meets the conditions for each one.

The user must be previously registered to be able to order online. To do this, he/she will provide to the company on a voluntary basis and under his/her responsibility his/her personal and/or fiscal data (name and surname or company name, ID card or VAT number, address, email address, telephone/fax number) by sending a specific form of data where the fields marked with an asterisk indicate that it is mandatory to fill in. If these data are not provided, the company reserves the right not to provide the service. The user guarantees that any data he/she provides is complete and accurate, and will be responsible for any false or inaccurate data. The personal data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The personal registration system will be done through a login and a password in order to facilitate the user future orders. The customer may designate at his/her discretion the login and password provided that are available or are not assigned to other customers. No login or passwords will be accepted with immoral content, abusive, degrading, and discriminatory or in contravention of the provisions of the laws, or those with terms that allude to brands, products or names protected by statutory provisions about Intellectual or Industrial property or contrary to the rights to privacy, honour and self-image.

The user is committed to ensuring the privacy of his/her own login and password. The company is exempted from any liability for the improper or neglect use by the customer in fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of his/her passwords.


Obligations of Indupanel, S.L. In reference to the offers of any product subject to placing an order through the website, the Company is committed to:

        • Provide accurate, clear and unequivocal information of the specific characteristics of the products, services, content or tools that are requested by the user, as well as the prices and any applicable taxes.

        • Specifically inform the user of the existence of these terms and conditions and make them available, along with any specific condition applicable in the license agreement of the final user for the article in question.

Obligations of the user. The user is committed to:

      • Meet the obligations set out in these terms and conditions, as well as the specific conditions established on the website concerning the products, services, content and tools offered by the Company.

      • Fill in the form for the user registry with true and accurate information, where it is a mandatory requirement.

    • PRICES

Prices and price lists to be applied in the purchase of products shall be those that appear on the website when the user makes the order. Normally, prices do not include delivery costs (unless previously agreed otherwise), that would be determined later by the company.

The company reserves the right to modify price lists published on the website. This amendment does not apply to products of orders made previously to the variation of prices.

    • TAXES

Prices shown on the website does not include the Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.


The data received by the company through its website will be treated with the utmost confidentiality at all times in compliance with the provisions of the law on data protection, in particular, the Law 15/1999 of 13 December, of Protection of Personal Data. The company will also take the necessary measures to prevent its alteration, loss, and unauthorized access, and to ensure that its employees observe these prescriptions, as well as the duty of secrecy regarding data protection and other obligations of confidentiality in force. Moreover, the company commits itself not to use personal data from users of the website for different purposes other than the subject matter of the services’ provision.

INDUPANEL, S.L. as responsible of the files, collects data of personal nature of its customers which are included in a file (the company is the owner) and whose treatment is exclusively for the purpose of managing the orders requested to the company and to respond to inquiries of users.

INDUPANEL, S.L. undertakes to respect and facilitate users the exercise of the rights recognized by law and, in particular, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of data that has a personal nature. Such rights can be exercised by users or, where appropriate, by their representative, by means of a written and signed request, addressed to the Industrial Park o Acevedo 15185 Cerceda A Coruña (Spain).


The company assumes no liability derived from the use of the contents of the website by the user. Nor does it guarantee to the user the availability, access or continuity concerning the connection to the website and the provision of the information. As a result, the company and any possible content provider shall not be liable in the event of interruptions of the service, delays, malfunctions and, in general, any inconvenience that has its origin in causes beyond the control of the company or suppliers, or comes from a wilful misconduct or negligence of the user, or force majeure.

The Company does not guarantee the infallibility of the contents provided through the website, which in any case are indicative and informative.

The Company assumes no responsibility for the use by the user of the website’s content and reserves the right to modify, replace, update, renew, impede or restrict access, interrupt, block, temporarily suspend or cancel definitively any service, supply information or any other content, either with regard to a specific user or in general.

Unless otherwise expressly established in each case, the Company does not intervene, participate, nor assume any warranty with respect to the services or products offered by third party providers that may be accessible through hyperlinks or advertisements.

The company reserves the right to modify, delete, update, renew, impede or restrict access, interrupt, block, temporarily suspend or cancel definitively any service, source of information or any content, regarding a specific user or in general, in particular when notified by a third party of judicial or administrative nature or by another party to denounce any current or potential non-compliance of third party rights. Any potential non-compliance should be notified to

    • Cookie policy uses cookies on its website and similar tools on our website to improve its performance and improve your user experience.

Here we show you how we do it.

1 – What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a Website can download on your computer or mobile device the first time you visit a website. The cookie will help the Website, or any other website, to recognize your device next time you visit it. Web beacons or other similar files can also do the same. We use the term “cookies” in this policy to refer to all of the files that collect information this way.

There are many things that cookies can perform. For example, they can help us to remember your user name and preferences, to analyse the operation of our website, or even allows us to recommend the content that we believe may be interesting for you.

Some cookies contain no personal information – for example, if you click on “Remember Me” when logging in, a cookie will be stored with your user name. Most cookies do not collect information that identifies you, only collect general information, such as how users reach the website and use it, or the general location of the user.

2 – What types of cookies do we use in Indupanel?

In general, we use cookies that perform up to four different functions:

1. Customization cookies

Some cookies are essential for the operation of our website. For example, some cookies allow us to identify the language of the user, regional setting from which he/she accesses. If a subscriber chooses to deactivate these cookies, it will be more difficult to access all available content.

2. Cookies of analysis

We use other cookies to analyse how our visitors use our website and to control the Web performance such as Google Analytics. This allows us to offer a high quality experience to users by customizing our content and rapid identification and fixing any problems that may arise. For example, we may use cookies to track which pages are most popular, what method of linking between pages is most effective, and to determine why some pages are receiving error messages. We may also use these cookies to highlight items or services of the site that we think will be of interest to users, based on the navigation on the Web.

3. Technical cookies

We use technical cookies that allow us to remember your preferences. For example, cookies save you the trouble writing your name manually each time you access the site, and remember customization preferences, such as the opening of side menus according to the previous visit when you log on, remember elements that make up an order, make an enrolment request or share content via social networks.

We also use cookies to provide you with better services.

4. Advertising and behavioural Cookies

In we use cookies to show you advertisements that we believe may be relevant to you and your interests. For example, if you visit a section in, we can offer you special offers for this type of product that may be of interest to you. You will see these Indupanel ads on other sites that you visit on the net. However, at no time we will have access to your personal data. uses advertising cookies managed by third parties for the promotion of its products both on Indupanel Web pages and on pages that do not belong to You can stop receiving certain  advertising cookies managed by third parties through their cookie management pages, such as for example  DoubleClick,Google Analytics,24/7 Real Media,Network Advertising Initiative ,Adobe Flash,and publicidad google

3- How long do we keep the information?

It depends on the type of cookie. Session cookies expire when you close your web browser. Persistent cookies usually expire after a period of time that can vary between two months and two years.

4 – Do we use cookies from third parties on the website of

We use or allow third parties to use cookies that are in the four categories above. For example, a many companies, we use Google Analytics to help control the traffic of our Web page. We may also use cookies from third parties to assist us with the market research, the monitoring of income, improve the functionality of the site and the monitoring of compliance with the terms and conditions, commissions policy for professionals.

5 – Can I block / deactivate cookies from a website?

As we explained above, cookies help you to obtain the maximum performance of our Websites.

In case you have visited after the date indicated at the bottom of this page, you should have seen a message explaining that by accessing our site, you agree to the use of cookies.

However, if you want you can deactivate cookies in your browser.

Remember that if you choose to deactivate cookies, it is possible that some sections of our website do not work correctly.

6 – Do we have a follow-up if users open e-mail messages?

Emails can contain a cookie to tell us if our emails are opened and to check the clicks through links or ads in the email. We may use this information for purposes including knowing which of our emails are most interesting for users, to see if users who do not open our e-mails want to continue receiving them and to inform our advertisers how many users clicked on their ads. The cookie is deleted when the e-mail address is deleted. If you do not want the cookie can be downloaded on your device, you must select to receive e-mails from us in plain text rather than HTML.

7 – Changes in our privacy policy.

Any changes with regard to our privacy policy will be published on this same web page. In this way you will be able to check regularly for updates or changes in our privacy policy.

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These terms and conditions are governed by Spanish current law. For any controversy derived from the use of the services offered or the content of the website, the parties, with the acceptance of these general conditions shall be subject to the Courts of A Coruña (Spain).