A whole world of colour...

Xacolak is born as an innovative factory of powder coating materials, plates and all kinds of accessories of iron and/or aluminium at the service of the most demanding professionals. Its extensive facilities and the use of the latest-generation technology, ensure the highest efficiency in all its processes, thus offering a quality service at the best price.


The steps of this process are the following:


At the beginning of the process we have to hang up the materials in the coating toolbar that will guide them through all the steps necessary to achieve a high quality coating. The hanging part is extremely important for the correct coating of the parts according to the specifications of the customer.

Surface chemical treatment of the raw material to be coated

The materials, both aluminium, steel or iron receive an initial surface treatment which ensures the optimum and uniform adhesion of the paint.


After the bath it is necessary to dry the materials.


The painting is carried out using vertical booths that projects the powder on the materials. It adheres through static electricity. During this process it is controlled the density of the painting, the geometry of the material (mass, perimeter) in order to ensure a uniform thickness of paint.


After the vertical booths, the objects pass through an oven that fixes the paint preparing it for the next phase in the polymerization oven.


In this last phase of the coating process, the materials enter in an oven at 190°C in which the painting (initially in powder) is polymerized forming a solid layer of great quality.

Once the coating process ends, a quality control that guarantees the full satisfaction of our customers is performed.


At XACOLAK we believe in the quality of our product and get it with the least possible environmental impact. For this purpose:

  • We use homologated polyester paintings.
  • We have fully-equipped facilities for a fast job and with quality.
  • We are committed with the environment that is why we follow a strict control of the water treatment.


Today, the service is an indispensable added value to achieve the customer satisfaction. In order to provide the best service, XACOLAK puts at the disposal of our clients:

  • Coating plant with a vertical coating system for bars with lengths from 1 to 6.7 meters and a horizontal system for bars up to 6.7 meters.
  • Coating colours of RAL colour chart, bright and matte, metallic colours, textured and mottled.
  • Our own paint stock of more than 300 colours.
  • Paint suppliers with a delivery commitment time of 24-48 hours of products in stock.
  • Adaptation to customer requirements with regard to specific paint suppliers.

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